Propeller Experiment Controller Version 1.5: Soon to be Released

I have nearly completed version 1.5 of the Propeller Experiment Controller software. I added many new features that I found were useful in my own work, or that were needed by colleagues using the Propeller Experiment Controller. I also fixed a few minor bugs. The Propeller Experiment Controller now provides good support for standard date and time formats such as "MM:DD:YYYY" and "HH:MM:SS." It now allows the user to read and write files from the SD card in any method they choose. This can be useful for creating settings files or custom data formats. The Propeller Experiment Controller can now also produce MedPC compatible data output that can be used with existing data analysis programs expecting a MedPC formatted file. Many other small changes decrease program size and increase efficiency. Click here for a detailed list of changes. I will release version 1.5 shortly after testing the code a little more.

The next goals for the Propeller Experiment Controller are to create more and better sample experiment programs for principles of behavior laboratories, create a C version of all spin code, and add methods to integrate the Propeller Python Interface with the powerful and free data analysis software package SciPy, and perhaps R as well.